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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Who are the Pretty Girls?

Pretty Girls Business Group was started by Quintasha Roberts and Sylvia Blue in 2018. These two came together to help individuals who are wanting to elevate themselves financially. Quintasha and Sylvia met through them pursuing a business opportunity with a financial company and they became very close friends. In 2017, Quintasha and Sylvia realized that they had a lot of the same desires and goals by working together. They spoke of what they wanted to accomplish and how they wanted to achieve it, and pursued it! Fast forward to the middle of 2018, they came together and started Pretty Girls Business Group.  Pretty Girls Business Group offers services to their clients such as tax services, personal/business credit services, business funding, and other services to help individuals pursue their dreams. They also offer a Tax Partner Program which helps individuals to start their own tax business. Their goal is to make it easier for their clients to reach their financial goals by providing exceptional services as a one stop shop.

Quintasha Roberts

Born and raised in Savannah Ga, Quintasha Roberts has been on the move. She moved to Atlanta Ga in 2015, she found herself working to provide services for low income individuals in the community for six years while providing  tax and credit services for family and friends just as a side job. After doing that for so long, she decided it was time to take her business to the next level. She walked away from her job in 2018 and has been moving forward since. Quintasha Roberts received her real estate license in 2018 and is continuing to be a positive influence in the community and helping clients reach their fullest potential.

Sylvia Blue

Sylvia Blue moved to Atlanta, Ga in 2016 after living in Wilson, NC for 21 years.  She has extensive experience in the Finance Industry, with experience in both the for profit and non-profit industries. Through that experience she has developed a passion to help not only businesses but individuals to grow financially. This passion has pushed her to step out and connect with individuals that have a desire to grow financially and become their own boss!